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In 1953, after the 2nd World War, a Polish engineer Mr. Sipaiwo reaches the Argentina to eradicate. Initially developed radios bag. Some years later Mr. Gochinski and Niersisky became associates. Thus born IGNIS (Engineers, Gochinski, Niersisky And Shipaiwo ). The main office was located in Avenida Corrientes to 1256, and the factory was in Agustin Alvares 4410 (Villa Martelli). At that time, the voltage supply had a lot of instability, therefore developed a voltage elevator system. Around 1965, there was an opportunity of selling electric trains toys, which needed micromotors, therefore they started making them. The 1969 engineer Andrew Haluza associated to make in micromotors. Approximately in 1975, the first plastic gearmotors were made, in response to the demand for remote control sailboats that needed to be maneuvered with more torque and less speed. In 1978 engineer Haluza developed the porducts that are actually sold. Around that time the company established in Av. Elcano 2924, Capital. During the 80s, it began to produce different kind of plastic gearmotors. Finally during the 90's metal gearmotors were developed. In 2008, we moved to what is now our actual office, located in Peru 115 (Villa Martelli).

Today we are the leaders in the region, providing subfractional gearmotors. We are expanding horizons to the rest of continent. Always innovative, we have traveled all these years looking for solutions that satisfy the needs of a increasingly changing market.

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