90° Transmision
New 90° transmision: It is available for MR20, MR10 and MR08D gearmotors, with an output shaft of 20 mm.
Characteristics: With a maximum torque of 300 kgf*cm in continuous work. The transmision can be mounted every 45° on the gearbox. It uses planetary system instead of warm gear, improving the backlash, getting a higher performance, more power and durability. The axis is on the same plane as the gearmotor, so it is more compact and practical. As the gearmotor makes the reduction, you can get low reductions.
Aptional: You can add an extension shaft opposite to the main one and symmetrical.
Model Types Catalog CAD Max.Torque
Regime Picture/3D
TR20A MR20A 300 20 Continuous
MR10B 100
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