Peristaltic pump
Features: Our patented MOBILE ROLLS system dynamically adjusts to the tube, so that if it wears out, the rollers adapt, significantly improving its durability. Four rollers are used to ensure sealing and allow reversibility of the system, avoiding the need for non-return valves.
The tube is made of Santoprene, a material compatible with most chemicals and which offers a durability greater than 500 Hrs. It can be substituded for another material, considering the tube's dimensions are available.
The connectors are built from polypropylene, excellent for handling chemicals. 11mm connectors are currently provided.
The rollers and the box are made of acetalic resin, usually used in gears, for optimal mechanical durability and stability.
It comes with an acrylic lid that prevents splashes and allows visibility of any spillage inside the equipment.
Filters and accumulators can be added to the pump to provide a more constant flow (under development).

 Data  Value   photo/3D (chrome)
 Code  BP40B
 Water's working flow  40 lt / hr = 660 ml / min
 Detergent's working flow  22 lt / hr = 366 ml / min
 Honey's working flow  13 lt / hr = 216 ml / min
 Max. Pressure  2 bar ≈ 29 PSI
 Max. Suction  0,5 bar ≈ 7,25 PSI
 Thermal range  5 ~ 80 °C
 Gearmotor  MR08B-024050-69-H
 Speed  7 ~ 83 Rpm
 Motor's caracteristics  24Vcc / 50 watts / 3,5 A
 Tube: See details  Marprene
 Tube: Compound  Marprene
 Tube: useful life  Greater than 500Hs
 Tube: Dimensions ID 3/8"(9,18 mm) x OD 9/16"(14,28 mm); Thickness 3/32"(2,38);
Length (180-185 mm)
 All tests performed in NTP (Normal conditions of temperature and pressure)
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