Nowadays, our life is more and more dependent on the use of energy in its various forms, especially electrical energy. However, only after being converted into light, heat, movement, etc. the electrical energy makes its contribution to our society. The electric motor is the main converter of electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Electric motors are classified in two main groups: alternating current motors and direct current motors. The latter show some advantages compared to the former, such as: compact size, high output power and great versatility in speed regulation by only varying incoming voltage. On the other hand, DC motors are divided in two classes: induced field motors and permanent magnet motors. In small sizes, the latter have the following advantages: lower cost, lower size, higher efficiency because they do not require energy for induced field and lower probability of failure due to simpler construction.

Many and various are the applications of electric motors, but not always requirements can be met especially in cases of low speed and high torque. In these cases speed reducers are required.

There are several speed reducing systems, planetary system is outstanding among them. This system has several gears in each reduction stage, so several teeth in different areas of the same gear work simultaneously, achieving a minimum stress in in each gear. This allows to obtain a high torque in a small size. In addition to that, an enclosed dust free construction does not require maintenance.

Ignis has achieved manufacturing technology required to produce the highest quality planetary speed reducers. Today we supply the local market and we offer our products through this catalog in which, we hope, you will find a model that will suit your requirements.

If you require a special model, please give us a call and let us solve your problem. When you think about gearmotors think of IGNIS.  
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