27/02/2014 New Code: In order to improve our services, we changed to a smart coding. It provides more detailed information of the product Code
  17/10/2010 We developed a new Hybrid model MR08H, with plastic box and metal gears that supports up to 50
21/01/2014 Gearmotor MR10B-220023: Is a new motor for the MR10, now in 220VAC and 0.01 Hp, adding a new option to the wide range of MR10B
26/08/2010 We have incorporated the speed controller FA220-2B for engine management phase
20/01/2014 90° transmision ; TR19A: We added an orthogonal transmisión to MR19B family, with symmetrical output option, also available for MR10B.
26/08/2010 An 1/8 hp motor has been added to the product line MR10
15/11/2012 Gearmotor MR08B-220023: We have developed a gearmotor 100% homemade replacing Linix. It comes in 2 versions, a fully plastic and an hybrid one. It works with 220VAC and 0.01 Hp. 11/06/2010 We are using a new motor of 24VCC for Enhanced Power. It is for MR08 family (MM024007)
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